The learningscape of a virtual atelier

Picture of Jennefer Hart Organization: The Open University   
Name: Jennefer Hart   
Keywords: Web2.0; Virtual Design Studio; Atelier, Socially situated learning   
Location: QA 175   
Date: 07 Jul 2010   
Time: 12:10   
Code: C5   

Full Title: The learningscape of a virtual atelier   
Abstract: This project report aims to detail a study that was carried out as part of a JISC funded project entitled Atelier-D project. The aim of the project is to create a virtual learning environment that supports and augments some of the fundamental features of the traditional 'design studio' or ‘atelier’ in art and design education. The project report will be presented in two parts. First, the report will identify the core features of a virtual design studio and their potential contribution in learning that go beyond the boundaries of design education. Second the report will aim to discuss some evidence regarding the effect of new ICT in three core aspects of the design studio: first, the formation of a social environment for learning and teaching; second, the facilitation of reflective practice through designing and sharing experiences, and third the formation of platform for communication and learning that operates across different levels of the course program. 
Biography: Jennefer Hart is currently working within the Design Group at the Open University. She is a research assistant for a JISC funded research project entitled ‘Achieving Transformation, Enhanced Learning and Innovation through Educational Resources in Design’ (ATELIER-D), which is coordinated by Dr Steve Garner. She recently completed an MRes in Human Computer Interaction at Lancaster University, and also holds an MSc in Information Technology from the University of the West of England.
Prior to this she graduated with a BSc in Textile Design from Huddersfield University and worked for over 15 years as a Design Manager within the Textile and Garment industry where she gained a deep understanding of the design process. She completed a PGCE within Art and Design when she became interested in the use of technology to support design education.
Her recent research work involved the evaluation of social networks and user experience, location-based gaming and understanding collaborative learning. Recent conference papers include NordiCHI (October 2008) and ACM CHI (April 2009). Her current research focus is to evaluate Web 2.0 technologies within design education and object sharing within social networks.